We would like to thank Climate-KIC for fully funding the project. Thanks to Kompetenzzentrum Nachhaltige Universität (KNU), University of Hamburg, and Cluster of Excellence, CliSAP for partially supporting the research activities.

We would also like to thank all the scientists listed below for their contributions and feedback at different stages of the project.

    1. Dr. Richard Blender, CEN, Meteorological Institute, University of Hamburg, Germany.
    2. Dr. Maria Caterina Bramati, Department of Statistical Science, Cornell University, New York, USA.
    3. Dr. Eric Gilleland, Project Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Boulder, Colorado, USA.

We would like to acknowledge all the data sources i.e. Pakistan Meteorological Department, and UK Met Office Hadley Center for their cooperation. Thanks to the R development team for providing the statistics packages. We are also grateful to Fiza Zia Ul Hannan, for designing the logo “SindheX”. Special thanks to Dr. Nauman Malik, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, NUML, Islamabad, and Mr. Usman Ali, Chief Software Architect, Intellective Technologies. for their technical assistance and contributions in the development of this web tool.